Loyalty & Referral Program

Introducing PTS (Points)

CK's new way of thanking loyal clientele & rewarding word of mouth referrals! Earn points from all booked sessions and successful referrals, use points towards lifestyle sessions or redeem for store credit to order your favourite prints.

how do I earn pts?

Earn 100* pts from a booked & completed lifestyle session, this includes couples, families & creative/other sessions.

Earn 400** pts from a booked and completed engagement (only) session.

Earn 800** pts from a booked and completed Weddings (story-telling only).

Earn 250*** pts from a referral, person you referred must mention name at time of booking & points will only be rewarded once session is completed.

LIMITED TIME - Wedding Referrals receive 500 pts!

AND earn points through random contests and giveaways! Make sure you've followed my instagram and Facebook page to stay in the loop!

CKP Rewards uses a SMS/Text Wallet system. Once you've successfully enrolled into the program, you'll receive texts only when you earn points or spend them and have accumulated enough points to win a reward.

How do PTS convert & how do I redeem them?

10 pts = $1 OR 100 pts = $10 OR 1000 pts = $100

CK will automatically use accumulated pts when client's book a lifestyle session. Only a maximum of 1000 pts can be used per lifestyle booking.

Clients can request to redeem points for store credit to order prints, only 1000 pts increments ($100) can be redeem at a time. Requests can be submitted here, page password can be found in your initial welcome email when you've successfully enrolled into the program.


Loyalty & Referral Program



A client will max out at 2000 pts in their wallet and will not earn any additional pts. However, should any maxed out client earn a successful referral, CK will automatically redeem additional referral points for store credit (whilst not affecting they're maxed out wallet) OR make the exception to add points to the already maxed out wallet.

Convert Points or Gift Card request form (password required)

Fine Print (policy) for CKP Rewards - Loyalty and Referral Program